Kimako is Russian commercial company founded in 2012 for take part in local investment projects and deliveries to Russian market is high-quality industrial equipment produced in South Korea. Since 2014 Klimako is part of industrial group "Spetsmash" (Moscow). Today Kimako offers to supply equipment by Kwangshin Machine, KMC Corporation, Daeyeol Boiler, Dymco and Sung Do - companies, which are flagship of South Korean industry in the manufacture of products for energy sector.

Also Kimako working in some of investment projects:
- projects for construction and modernization heating network in small towns. Within these projects Kimako invests, management, construction (and modernization) objects of electric power, thermal power and engineering infrastructure;
- projects to build CNG filling stations. The first Kimako CNG project started in 2015 in Rostov and Krasnodar regions. In the project Kimako acts as investor. Built CNG stations planned to operated through a specialized subsidiary under the brand "Kimako" or by scheme of franchising under the brand of one of Kimako partners.
Kimako is developing a detailed scalable technical solution for creation a complex of natural gas transportation and consumption, basis on virtual pipeline concept with LNG and CNG technology. In this regard, Kimako is looking for foreign manufacturers of equipment below:
1. Plants for gas liquefaction, storage, refueling and transportation LNG.
2. Long-haul trucks for LNG transportation over long distances.
3. Equipment for LNG and LNG-CNG fueling stations.
4. Equipment for local LNG storage for industrial and domestic consumption.
5. Long-haul passenger LNG buses and cargo LNG trucks.
6. Passenger CNG buses and cargo CNG trucks.
7. Systems of transport conversion from diesel to LNG and CNG.
8. Liquid ring vacuum pumps.
9. Centrifugal blowers, rotary lobe blowers, side channel blowers.

Now Kimako looking for companies working in field of design and production industrial equipment for heat/power generation and CNG/LNG filling stations.
For more information, please contact Mr. Chris Painter Head of Kimako External Relations Division by e-mail:
Kimako LLC
14A, Nauchny proezd St., Moscow, 117997, Russia